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Blockchain And The State: Vehicle Or Vice?
Zac Rogers, others — 2018
Edgechain: Blockchain-Based Multi-Vendor Mobile Edge Application Placement
He Zhu, Changcheng Huang, Jiayu Zhou — 2018
Automatic Bitcoin Address Clustering
Dmitry Ermilov, Maxim Panov, Yury Yanovich — 2018
Incorporating Seller/Buyer Reputation-Based System In Blockchain-Enabled Emission Trading Application
Khamila Nurul Khaqqi, Janusz J Sikorski, Kunn Hadinoto, Markus Kraft — 2018
A Scale-Out Blockchain For Value Transfer With Spontaneous Sharding
Zhijie Ren, Zekeriya Erkin — 2018
Long-Range Memory, Distributional Variation And Randomness Of Bitcoin Volatility
Salim Lahmiri, Stelios Bekiros, Antonio Salvi — 2018
Robust Outliers Detection Method For Volatility Of Bitcoin Exchange Rate Using Three Sigma (3$\Sigma$) Approach
Nashirah Abu Bakar, Sofian Rosbi — 2018
The Blockchain Litmus Test
TD Smith — 2018
Blockchain--The Case For Market Adoption Of The Distributed Ledger
Marco Streng — 2018
Blockchain And Bitcoin: The Revolution Of The Financial Industry
Saghrane Mohamed Yassine, Alaoui Lalla Latifa, Benayache Sarah — 2018
Simple Schnorr Multi-Signatures With Applications To Bitcoin
Gregory Maxwell, Andrew Poelstra, Yannick Seurin, Pieter Wuille — 2018
Blockchain For Good? Digital Ledger Technology And Sustainable Development Goals
Richard Adams, Beth Kewell, Glenn Parry — 2018
Revisiting The Risks Of Bitcoin Currency Exchange Closure
Blockchain—Technology To Drive The Future
Shweta Bhardwaj, Manish Kaushik — 2018
Decentralization In Bitcoin And Ethereum Networks
Adem Efe Gencer, Soumya Basu, Ittay Eyal, Robbert van Renesse, Emin G{\"u}n Sirer — 2018
Violable Contracts And Governance For Blockchain Applications
Munindar P Singh, Amit K Chopra — 2018
Blockchain Technology: A Panacea Or Pariah For Resources Conservation And Recycling?
Sara Saberi, Mahtab Kouhizadeh, Joseph Sarkis — 2018
International Dlt, Blockchain And Smart Contract Law And Regulation
Menu Close — 2018
Bitcoin And The World Of Digital Currencies
Asma Salman, Muthanna G Abdul Razzaq — 2018
The Global Financial Services Industry And The Blockchain
Thomas M Hughes — 2018
An Anti-Quantum Transaction Authentication Approach In Blockchain
Wei Yin, Qiaoyan Wen, Wenmin Li, Hua Zhang, Zhengping Jin — 2018
Issue Secure Digital Credentials Using Technology Behind Bitcoin
Joan Hope — 2018
Philanthropy On The Blockchain
Danushka Jayasinghe, Sheila Cobourne, Konstantinos Markantonakis, Raja Naeem Akram, Keith Mayes — 2018
Financial Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, And Crowdfunding
Xiuping Hua, Yanfeng Zheng — 2018
A Novel Security Framework For Managing Android Permissions Using Blockchain Technology
Abdellah Ouaguid, Noreddine Abghour, Mohammed Ouzzif — 2018
How To Make A Digital Currency On A Blockchain Stable
Kenji Saito, Mitsuru Iwamura — 2018
Identity-Based Network Security For Commercial Blockchain Services
Casimer DeCusatis, Marcus Zimmermann, Anthony Sager — 2018
Pichain: When A Blockchain Meets Paxos
Conrad Burchert, Roger Wattenhofer — 2018
Exploring Blockchain Technology And Its Potential Applications For Education
Guang Chen, Bing Xu, Manli Lu, Nian-Shing Chen — 2018
Applying The Blockchain Technology To Promote The Development Of Distributed Photovoltaic In China
Jianchao Hou, Haicheng Wang, Pingkuo Liu — 2018
Use Of Bitcoin For Internet Trade
Sadia Khalil, Rahat Masood, Muhammad Awais Shibli — 2018
Mof-Bc: A Memory Optimized And Flexible Blockchain For Large Scale Networks
Ali Dorri, Salil S Kanhere, Raja Jurdak — 2018
An Update On Bitcoin As A Digital Currency
Cecilia G Manrique, Gabriel G Manrique — 2018
Sprites And State Channels: Payment Networks That Go Faster Than Lightning
Andrew Miller, Iddo Bentov, Ranjit Kumaresan, Christopher Cordi, Patrick McCorry — 2018
6 High-Tech: Power And Unpredictability At The Technological Frontier And In Bitcoin
Lucia A Seybert, PeterJ Katzenstein — 2018
Bitcoin: A Digital Currency
Megha Bhatt — 2018
Fintech And Blockchain--Keep Bubbling? Or Better Get Real?
Nils Winkler, Bj{\"o}rn Matthies — 2018
Emr: The New ‘Gold Standard” Or The “Bitcoin” Of The Present
Mark D Iannettoni — 2018
Has Bitcoin Achieved The Characteristics Of Money?
Donovan Peter Chan Wai Loon, Sameer Kumar — 2018
Mechanising Blockchain Consensus
I Sergey — 2018
A Typology Of Blockchain Recordkeeping Solutions And Some Reflections On Their Implications For The Future Of Archival Preservation
Victoria L Lemieux — 2018
A First Step In The Co-Evolution Of Blockchain And Ontologies: Towards Engineering An Ontology Of Governance At The Blockchain Protocol Level
Henry M Kim, Marek Laskowski, Ning Nan — 2018
An Empirical Study On Modeling And Prediction Of Bitcoin Prices With Bayesian Neural Networks Based On Blockchain Information
Huisu Jang, Jaewook Lee — 2018
Towards Trusted Social Networks With Blockchain Technology
Yize Chen, Quanlai Li, Hao Wang — 2018
Blockchain Expenses-Resources Need To Generate Cryptocurrency
The Bitcoin Currency-A New Instrument Used In Conducting Business?
C{\u{a}}t{\u{a}}lin Cristian Seli{\c{s}}teanu, others — 2018
Blockchain Technology In Health Care: A Primer For Surgeons
Alexander W Peters, Brian M Till, John G Meara — 2018
Goldbach-Conjecture-(In Number (\#)-Theory) Is Anti-Cooper-Pairing (In Non-Sc) Gapful Fermion/Pair-Breaking Sc-To-Normal Phase-Transition Critical-Phenomenon: Primes N-Bec-Factorization/Dencryption-Cyber-Threats (Ibm/Blockchain) Are Mandatory!!!
E Siegel, Gian-Carlo Rota, Jules Henri Poincare, Frederic Young — 2018
Blockchain Technology: Living In A Decentralized Everything
Andrea Gaggioli — 2018
Infrastructural Grind: Introducing Blockchain Technology In The Shipping Domain
Karim Jabbar, Pernille Bj{\o}rn — 2018
A Framework For Implementing Blockchain Technologies To Improve Supply Chain Performance
Gosh Debabrata, Tan Albert — 2018
Modelling And Predicting The Bitcoin Volatility Using Garch Models
Viviane Y Naimy, Marianne R Hayek — 2018
Blockchain Technology And Intellectual Property. Investigating Benefits And Acceptance In Governments And Legislations
Jean-Maxime Riviere — 2018
Blockchain Based Decentralized Management Of Demand Response Programs In Smart Energy Grids
Claudia Pop, Tudor Cioara, Marcel Antal, Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie, Massimo Bertoncini — 2018
Bitcoin--A Brief Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages
Born Global Market Dominators And Implications For The Blockchain Avantgarde
Simone Wurster, Moritz B{\"o}hmecke-Schwafert, Frank Hofmann, Knut Blind — 2018
Blockchain: Revolutionizing The Global Supply Chain By Building Trust And Transparency
Jonathan Biggs, Sheri R Hinish, Michael A Natale, Matt Patronick — 2018
Ventureum: A Milestone-Driven Community-Governed Crowdfunding Protocol For Blockchain Projects
Timothy Wang, Nathan Liu — 2018
Born Global On Blockchain
Tatiana Zalan — 2018
Digital Enablement Of Blockchain: Evidence From Hna Group
Wenchi Ying, Suling Jia, Wenyu Du — 2018
Blockchain As An Audit-Able Communication Channel
Shigeya Suzuki, Jun Murai — 2017
Visibility And Digital Art: Blockchain As An Ownership Layer On The Internet
Masha McConaghy, Greg McMullen, Glenn Parry, Trent McConaghy, David Holtzman — 2017
Automation Of The Supplier Role In The Gb Power System Using Blockchain Based Smart Contracts
Lee THOMAS, LONG Chao, Pete BURNAP, Jianzhong WU, Nick JENKINS — 2017
Unpacking The Disruptive Potential Of Blockchain Technology For Human Development
Raul Zambrano, Ruhiya Kris Seward, Phet Sayo — 2017
Future Living Framework: Is Blockchain The Next Enabling Network?
Maria-Llu{\"\i}sa Marsal-Llacuna — 2017
Block-By-Block: Leveraging The Power Of Blockchain Technology To Build Trust And Promote Cyber Peace
Steve Myers — 2017
The Liquidity Of Bitcoin
Hio Loi — 2017
Modeling The Price Of Bitcoin With Fractional Brownian Motion: A Monte Carlo Approach
Mariusz Tarnopolski — 2017
From Blockchain Consensus Back To Byzantine Consensus
Vincent Gramoli — 2017
Major Security Breaches Ruin Bitcoin Companies Team 3 Alexander Johnson Z{\"U}Lbiye Jorgensen
John Krogulski, Gary Kruchten — 2017
Design Of A Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Reviewing And Publishing Market
Christian Janze — 2017
Draft: Acknetwork-Blockchain-Based Scoring System For Off-Chain Transactions
Josef Gattermayer, Dominik Vesely — 2017
Escrow Protocols For Cryptocurrencies: How To Buy Physical Goods Using Bitcoin
Steven Goldfeder, Joseph Bonneau, Rosario Gennaro, Arvind Narayanan — 2017
Using Virtualization For Blockchain Testing
Chen Chen, Zhuyun Qi, Yirui Liu, Kai Lei — 2017
The Bitcoin Event: How Bitcoin And Blockchain Are Challenging The Established Order And The Practices Of Our Economic System
Floriane Bruneau — 2017
Blockchain For Iot Security And Privacy: The Case Study Of A Smart Home
Ali Dorri, Salil S Kanhere, Raja Jurdak, Praveen Gauravaram — 2017
A World Built On Immutable Mathematics--Engineering, Science, And Research On The Blockchain--Token Ticker-Mtx
Steve McCloskey, Keita Funakawa, Vincent Brunet, Scott Morgan, Edgardo Leija, Adam Simon, Kyle Lee — 2017
Research On A New Signature Scheme On Blockchain
YUAN Chao, Mi-xue XU, Xue-ming SI — 2017
Blocks And Chains: Introduction To Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, And Their Consensus Mechanisms
Aljosha Judmayer, Nicholas Stifter, Katharina Krombholz, Edgar Weippl — 2017
Blockchain Applications And Use Cases In Health Information Technology
D Randall, P Goel, R Abujamra — 2017
Medshare: Trust-Less Medical Data Sharing Among Cloud Service Providers Via Blockchain
Qi Xia, Emmanuel Boateng Sifah, Kwame Omono Asamoah, Jianbin Gao, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani — 2017
The Role Of Secondary Sources On The Taxation Of Digital Currency (Bitcoin) Before Irs Guidance Was Issued
Andrew Gross, Jeff Hemker, Jamie Hoelscher, Brad Reed — 2017
Volatility Estimation For Bitcoin: A Comparison Of Garch Models
Paraskevi Katsiampa — 2017
Distributed Ledger Technologies/Blockchain
Advait Deshpande, Katherine Stewart, Louise Lepetit, Salil Gunashekar — 2017
A Perspective On Blockchain Smart Contracts
Henry Kim, Marek Laskowski — 2017
Footprints On A Blockchain: Trading And Information Leakage In Distributed Ledgers
Rune Tevasvold Aune, Adam Krellenstein, Maureen O’Hara, Ouziel Slama — 2017
The Financial Auditing Of Distributed Ledgers, Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies
Daniel Broby, Greig Paul — 2017
Obfuscation In Bitcoin: Techniques And Politics
Arvind Narayanan, Malte M{\"o}ser — 2017
Implementing Decentralized Digital Identity Using Blockchain
Akshay Bakre, Nikita Patil, Sakshum Gupta — 2017
Smart Contract Relations In E-Commerce: Legal Implications Of Exchanges Conducted On The Blockchain
Philippa Ryan — 2017
Beyond The Bitcoin-Smart Decentralised Financial Contracts Of The Future
Ethan Choi — 2017
Distributed Ledger Technology And Blockchain
Harish Natarajan, Solvej Krause, Helen Gradstein — 2017
Rdv: Register, Deposit, Vote: A Full Decentralized Consensus Algorithm For Blockchain Based Networks
Siamak Solat — 2017
Blockchain As A Privacy Enabler: An Odometer Fraud Prevention System
Mathieu Chanson, Andreas Bogner, Felix Wortmann, Elgar Fleisch — 2017
Bitcoin And Potosí Silver: Historical Perspectives On Cryptocurrency
Zac Zimmer — 2017
Utilising Financial Blockchain Technologies In Advanced Manufacturing
Colin Andrews, Daniel Broby, Greig Paul, Ian Whitfield — 2017
Bitcoin: A Secure Medium
Miss Karishma S Pawar, Mrs Pratibha M Deshmukh — 2017
Problems And Approaches In The Legal Regulation Of The Use Of Bitcoin In Russia And In The World
Andrey Fedorovski, Rostislav Berlinskii, Vladislav Ashikhmin, others — 2017
The Potential Of Blockchain Technology For The Conclusion Of Contracts
Nikolas Guggenberger — 2017
Bitcoin Unchained
Christopher Carr, Colin Boyd, Xavier Boyen — 2017
Spectre: A Fast And Scalable Cryptocurrency Protocol
Yonatan Sompolinsky, Yoad Lewenberg, Aviv Zohar — 2017
Blockchain For The People: Blockchain Technology As The Basis For A Secure And Reliable E-Voting System
Marko Kovic — 2017
Blockchain And Distributed Ledgers As Trusted Recordkeeping Systems
Victoria L Lemieux — 2017
Motivations And Barriers For End-User Adoption Of Bitcoin As Digital Currency
Wanda Presthus, Nicholas Owen O’Malley — 2017
Blockchain Based Distributed Control System For Edge Computing
Alexandru Stanciu — 2017
Rethinking Large-Scale Consensus
Rafael Pass, Elaine Shi — 2017
Blockchain Standards For Compliance And Trust
Ashiq Anjum, Manu Sporny, Alan Sill — 2017
How Technology Is Reshaping Financial Services: Essays On Consumer Behavior In Card, Channel And Cryptocurrency Services
Dan GENG — 2017
Impact Of Bitcoin As A World Currency
A Seetharaman, AS Saravanan, Nitin Patwa, Jigar Mehta — 2017
Blockchain Technologies And Their Application In Government Administration
AV Klechikov, MM Pryanikov, AV Chugunov — 2017
Flexible Transparency: A Privacy Enabler In Blockchain Technologies
Maria Christofi, Aline Gouget — 2017
Algorand: Scaling Byzantine Agreements For Cryptocurrencies
Yossi Gilad, Rotem Hemo, Silvio Micali, Georgios Vlachos, Nickolai Zeldovich — 2017
A Confidence-Based Model For Asset And Derivative Prices In The Bitcoin Market
Alessandra Cretarola, Gianna Figà-Talamanca — 2017
Modeling A Multisided Platform For Renewable Energy Trade Based On Blockchain.
Sam De Frene, others — 2017
A Proposal Of A Secure P2P-Type Storage Scheme By Using The Secret Sharing And The Blockchain
Masayuki Fukumitsu, Shingo Hasegawa, Junya Iwazaki, Masao Sakai, Daiki Takahashi — 2017
Market Potential \& Price Behaviour Of Bitcoin Post Demonetization \& Its Impact On Investment Portfolio
Shashwat Saxena, Abhilasha Singh — 2017
Blockchain-Enabled, Subscriber-Based Capital Markets Index Data Distribution
Warren Pennington, John Evans — 2017
The Financial Value Of Data
Giuseppe Pappalardo — 2017
Unibyte-A Unified Framework For Blockchain Based Business Integration
Stefan Schmidt, Marten Jung, Thomas Schmidt, Ingo Sterzinger, G{\"u}nter Schmidt, Moritz Gomm, Klaus Tschirschke, Tapio Reisinger — 2017
Blockchain Technology In The Chemical Industry: Machine-To-Machine Electricity Market
Janusz J Sikorski, Joy Haughton, Markus Kraft — 2017
Long-Term Public Blockchain: Resilience Against Compromise Of Underlying Cryptography
Masashi Sato, others — 2017
An Exploratory Study On The Influence Of Guidelines On Crowdfunding Projects In The Ethereum Blockchain Platform
Vanessa Bracamonte, Hitoshi Okada — 2017
A Blockchain Based Architecture For Asset Management In Coalition Operations
Dinesh Verma, Nirmit Desai, Alun Preece, Ian Taylor — 2017
Secure Code Distribution Based On Blockchain
Alexandre Ortigosa, Miquel Ferriol, Hamid Latif — 2017
Tortoise And Hares Consensus: The Meshcash Framework For Incentive-Compatible, Scalable Cryptocurrencies
Iddo Bentov, Pavel Hubácek, Tal Moran, Asaf Nadler — 2017
Virtual Resources \& Blockchain For Configuration Management In Iot
Mayra Samaniego, Ralph Deters — 2017
Intelligent Vehicle-Trust Point: Reward Based Intelligent Vehicle Communication Using Blockchain
Madhusudan Singh, Shiho Kim — 2017
Verifiable Computation In Smart Contracts
Thomas Kerber — 2017
Securing Proof-Of-Stake Blockchain Protocols
Wenting Li, S{\'e}bastien Andreina, Jens-Matthias Bohli, Ghassan Karame — 2017
Implications And Impact Of Blockchain Transaction Pruning
Emanuel Palm — 2017
Optimal Pricing-Based Edge Computing Resource Management In Mobile Blockchain
Zehui Xiong, Shaohan Feng, Dusit Niyato, Ping Wang, Zhu Han — 2017
Blockchain Transaction Analysis Using Dominant Sets
Malik Khurram Awan — 2017
A Blockchain-Based Approach Towards Overcoming Financial Fraud In Public Sector Services
Hissu Hyv{\"a}rinen, Marten Risius, Gustav Friis — 2017
Smart Contract Execution-The (+-)-Biased Ballot Problem
Lin Chen, Lei Xu, Zhimin Gao, Nolan Shah, Yang Lu, Weidong Shi — 2017
White Paper: Innovative Blockchain Uses In Health Care
Chet Stagnaro — 2017
Blockchain Technology: Promises And Realities Of The Year 2017.
Oana FIRICA — 2017
Performance Analysis And Application Of Mobile Blockchain
Kongrath Suankaewmanee, Dinh Thai Hoang, Dusit Niyato, Suttinee Sawadsitang, Ping Wang, Zhu Han — 2017
Blockchain: Staying Ahead Of Tomorrow
Keith B Letourneau, Stephen T Whelan — 2017
A New Blockchain-Based Value-Added Tax System
Dimaz Ankaa Wijaya, Joseph K Liu, Dony Ariadi Suwarsono, Peng Zhang — 2017
Quality And Innovation With Blockchain Technology
Morgan C Benton, Nicole M Radziwill — 2017
Process Memory Investigation Of The Bitcoin Clients Electrum And Bitcoin Core
Luuc van der Horst, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Nhien-An Le-Khac — 2017
Blockchain Based Trust \& Authentication For Decentralized Sensor Networks
Axel Moinet, Benoìt Darties, Jean-Luc Baril — 2017
Blockchain-Based Multi-Level Scoring System For P2P Clusters
Josef Gattermayer, Pavel Tvrdik — 2017
Sustainability Of Bitcoin And Blockchains
Harald Vranken — 2017
Email Stamping: Gmelius Blockchain Architecture
Blockchain: A Suitable Technology In A Research Information Context?
Geert Van Grootel — 2017
Bitcoin Transaction Tracing And Purchasing Behavior Characterization Of Online Anonymous Marketplaces Using Side Channels
Eugene Lemuel R Garcia — 2017
Heads Or Tails: How Europe Will Become The Global Hub For Bitcoin Business If The United States Does Not Reexamine Its Currenct Regulation Of Virtual Currency
Gregory V Ficcaglia — 2017
Crysto: A Scalable And Permission-Less Blockchain Platform
Yangrui Guo, Christian Mate Jr — 2017
Wall Street Occupies The Blockchain-Financial Firms Plan To Move Trillions In Assets To Blockchains In 2018
Amy Nordrum — 2017
Omniledger: A Secure, Scale-Out, Decentralized Ledger
Eleftherios Kokoris-Kogias, Philipp Jovanovic, Linus Gasser, Nicolas Gailly, Bryan Ford — 2017
Garch Model With Fat-Tailed Distributions And Bitcoin Exchange Rate Returns
Ruiping Liu, Yupei Cai, Heng Ma, Wei Wang — 2017
A Blockchain Research Framework
Marten Risius, Kai Spohrer — 2017
Blockchain Enabled Privacy Audit Logs
Andrew Sutton, Reza Samavi — 2017
Predicting Bitcoin Price Fluctuation With Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Evita Stenqvist, Jacob L{\"o}nn{\"o} — 2017
Blockchain Sadaqa Mechanism For Disaster Aid Crowd Funding
Rizal Mohd Nor, MM Hafizur Rahman, Towfiqur Rahman, Adam Abdullah — 2017
Three Essays On Audit Technology: Audit 4.0, Blockchain, And Audit App
Jun Dai — 2017
A Solution Towards Eliminating Transaction Malleability In Bitcoin
Ubaidullah Rajput, Fizza Abbas, Heekuck Oh — 2017
Blockchain: Bitcoin Wallet Cryptography Security, Challenges And Countermeasures
Cross-Organizational Workflow Management Using Blockchain Technology--Towards Applicability, Auditability, And Automation
Gilbert Fridgen, Sven Radszuwill, Nils Urbach, Lena Utz — 2017
A Logic Of Blockchain Updates
Kai Br{\"u}nnler, Dandolo Flumini, Thomas Studer — 2017
Taking A Byte Out Of Bitcoin Regulation
Di Ma — 2017
The Impact Of Cryptocurrencies On The Internet Of Things-Insights From Prototypes
Dominic W{\"o}rner — 2017
Escrow Protocols For Cryptocurrencies: How To Buy Physical Goods Using Bitcoin
Steven Goldfeder, Joseph Bonneau, Rosario Gennaro, Arvind Narayanan — 2017
A Blockchain-Based Micro Economy Platform For Distributed Infrastructure Initiatives
JJ Kramer — 2017
Imaginaries And Crystallization Processes In Bitcoin Infrastructuring
Yong Ming Kow, Caitlin Lustig — 2017
Pattern Based Evaluation Of Blockchain Technology As A Catalyst For Business Model Innovation: Exploratory Research With Focus On The Potential Implications For E-Health
Darija {\v{S}}alehar — 2017
Scalability Analysis Of Blockchains Through Blockchain Simulation
Sneha Goswami — 2017
How Utilities Are Using Blockchain To Modernize The Grid
James Basden, Michael Cottrell — 2017
A Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Ordering Service For The Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Platform
Joao Sousa, Alysson Bessani, Marko Vukoli{\'c} — 2017
Proofs Of Work For Blockchain Protocols
Juan A Garay, Aggelos Kiayias, Giorgos Panagiotakos — 2017
Coinblesk--A Real-Time, Bitcoin-Based Payment Approach And App
Thomas Bocek, Sina Rafati, Bruno Rodrigues, Burkhard Stiller — 2017
Timber Tracking: Reducing Complexity Of Due Diligence By Using Blockchain Technology
Boris D{\"u}dder, Omri Ross — 2017
Smart Contracts Make Bitcoin Mining Pools Vulnerable
Yaron Velner, Jason Teutsch, Loi Luu — 2017
Trustzone-Backed Bitcoin Wallet
Miraje Gentilal, Paulo Martins, Leonel Sousa — 2017
Peer To Peer File Sharing By Blockchain Using Iot
M Amirtha Krishnan, C Gowri Shankar, S Arvind Raj, A Ragavan — 2017
A Case Study On Business Model Innovations Using Blockchain: Focusing On Financial Institutions
JaeShup Oh, JaeShup Oh, Ilho Shong, Ilho Shong — 2017
The Blockchain To Fix All Blockchains
Amalia Illgner — 2017
Ringct 2.0: A Compact Accumulator-Based (Linkable Ring Signature) Protocol For Blockchain Cryptocurrency Monero
Shi-Feng Sun, Man Ho Au, Joseph K Liu, Tsz Hon Yuen — 2017
Blockchain: Emergent Industry Adoption And Implications For Accounting
Julia Kokina, Ruben Mancha, Dessislava Pachamanova — 2017
Stick A Fork In It: Analyzing The Ethereum Network Partition
Lucianna Kiffer, Dave Levin, Alan Mislove — 2017
Obsidian: A Safer Blockchain Programming Language
Michael Coblenz — 2017
Bitcoin Exclusively Informational Money: A Valuable Review From 2010 To 2017
Jyotir Moy Chatterjee, Srijani Ghatak, Raghvendra Kumar, Manju Khari, others — 2017
Using Blockchain To Protect Personal Privacy In The Scenario Of Online Taxi-Hailing
Ning Zhang, Shan Zhong, Li Tian — 2017
Ein Rahmenwerk Zur Protokollierung Von Transaktionen In Distributed Ledgers
Jan S{\"u}rmeli, Uwe Der, Stefan J{\"a}hnichen, Andreas Vogelsang — 2017
Use Of Blockchain As A Software Component To Send Messages Anonymously For A Data Trading Platform
Shrenik Shah — 2017
Exchange Pattern Mining In The Bitcoin Transaction Directed Hypergraph
Stephen Ranshous, Cliff A Joslyn, Sean Kreyling, Kathleen Nowak, Nagiza F Samatova, Curtis L West, Samuel Winters — 2017
Blockchain Identities: Notational Technologies For Control And Management Of Abstracted Entities
Quinn Dupont — 2017
Non-Interactive Proofs Of Proof-Of-Work
Aggelos Kiayias, Andrew Miller, Dionysis Zindros — 2017
Making Impact: A Blockchain Based Solution For Consumer Centred Privacy Control
Anna Klapwijk, Frido Smulders, Maria Saaksjarvi — 2017
The Evolution Of Bitcoin Hardware
Michael Bedford Taylor — 2017
Informed Trading In The Bitcoin Market
Wenjun Feng, Yiming Wang, Zhengjun Zhang — 2017
A Sentiment-Based Model For The Bitcoin: Theory, Estimation And Option Pricing
Alessandra Cretarola, Gianna Fig{\`a}-Talamanca, Marco Patacca — 2017
Crowdbc: A Blockchain-Based Decentralized Framework For Crowdsourcing
Ming Li, Jian Weng, Anjia Yang, Wei Lu — 2017
Comparative Study Of Vector Autoregression And Recurrent Neural Network Applied To Bitcoin Forecasting
Zakariae El-Abdelouarti Alouaret — 2017
A Nonoutsourceable Puzzle Under Ghost Rule
Gongxian Zeng, Siu Ming Yiu, Jun Zhang, Hiroki Kuzuno, Man Ho Au — 2017
Rational Mining On Bitcoin
Soumen Pachal — 2017
Inter-Blockchain Communication
Zhi-dong CHEN, YU Zhuo, Zhang-bo DUAN, HU Kai — 2017
Vibes: Fast Blockchain Simulations For Large-Scale Peer-To-Peer Networks
Lyubomir Stoykov, Kaiwen Zhang, Hans-Arno Jacobsen — 2017
Bitcoin Awareness And Usage In Canada
Gradon Nicholls, others — 2017
On The Philosophy Of Bitcoin/Blockchain Technology: Is It A Chaotic, Complex System?
Renato P Dos Santos — 2017
The Bitcoin Price Formation: Beyond The Fundamental Sources
Jamal Bouoiyour, Refk Selmi — 2017
Do You Need A Blockchain?
Karl Wüst, Arthur Gervais — 2017
Lsb: A Lightweight Scalable Blockchain For Iot Security And Privacy
Ali Dorri, Salil S Kanhere, Raja Jurdak, Praveen Gauravaram — 2017
The Social Life Of Bitcoin
Nigel Dodd — 2017
Bitcoin Private Key Locked Transactions
Sergi Delgado-Segura, Cristina Pérez-Solà, Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí, Guillermo Navarro-Arribas — 2017
Practical Implementations Of Ecc In The Blockchain
Yeonji Seo — 2017
Risk Modelling Of Blockchain Ecosystem
Igor Kabashkin — 2017
Blockchain Technology: A General Purpose Technology For The Decentralization Of Governance?
Charles-Antoine Flament — 2017
3.10 Scalable Funding Of Blockchain Micropayment Channel Networks
Roger Wattenhofer, Christian Decker, Conrad Burchert — 2017
The Internet Blockchain: A Distributed, Tamper-Resistant Transaction Framework For The Internet
Adiseshu Hari, TV Lakshman — 2017
Cwi Joins The Dutch National Blockchain Coalition As A Founding Member
Eric Pauwels CWI — 2017
High Volatility Detection Method Using Statistical Process Control For Cryptocurrency Exchange Rate: A Case Study Of Bitcoin
Nashirah Abu Bakar, Sofian Rosbi — 2017
Solida: A Blockchain Protocol Based On Reconfigurable Byzantine Consensus
Ittai Abraham, Dahlia Malkhi, Kartik Nayak, Ling Ren, Alexander Spiegelman — 2017
Bitcoin Verification Latency
Ken Griffith, Ian Grigg — 2017
Contract Coin: Toward Practical Contract Signing On Blockchain
Haibo Tian, Jiejie He, Liqing Fu — 2017
Bitcoin: Legal Definition And Its Place In Legal Framework
Olena Demchenko — 2017
A Critical Review Of Bitcoins Usage By Cybercriminals
Jithin Jose, Krishnan Kannoorpatti, Bharanidharan Shanmugam, Sami Azam, Kheng Cher Yeo — 2017
Eximchain: Supply Chain Finance Solutions On A Secured Public, Permissioned Blockchain Hybrid
Juan Huertas, Hope Liu, Sarah Robinson — 2017
Bitcoin Mining As A Contest
Nicola Dimitri — 2017
Incentive Compatibility Of Pay Per Last N Shares In Bitcoin Mining Pools
Yevhen Zolotavkin, Julian Garc{\'\i}a, Carsten Rudolph — 2017
Blockchain Technology Centralised Ledger To Distributed Ledger
Greeshma R Nair, Shoney Sebastian — 2017
Blockchain A New Foundation For Building Trustworthy And Secure Distributed Applications (Dapp'S) Of The Future
Paul Mueller, Amr Rizk, Ralf Steinmetz — 2017
Data Provenance Assurance In The Cloud Using Blockchain
Sachin Shetty, Val Red, Charles Kamhoua, Kevin Kwiat, Laurent Njilla — 2017
Quantum-Secured Blockchain
EO Kiktenko, NO Pozhar, MN Anufriev, AS Trushechkin, RR Yunusov, YV Kurochkin, AI Lvovsky, AK Fedorov — 2017
Toward A Philosophy Of Blockchain: A Symposium: Introduction
Melanie Swan, Primavera de Filippi — 2017
Application Of Blockchain Technologies In Systematizing The Results Of Intellectual Activity
OA Ruzakova — 2017
Application Of Blockchain Technology And Crowdfunding To Solve Structural Inefficiencies In Digital Rights And Patents: A Comparative Analysis
Andreas Gabl, Stephan Ulrich Krehl — 2017
Seeking Productive Power: A Proposal For Blockchain-Enabled Microgrids In The African Context
Andrew Seelaus — 2017
Enhancing Breeder Document Long-Term Security Using Blockchain Technology
Nicolas Buchmann, Christian Rathgeb, Harald Baier, Christoph Busch, Marian Margraf — 2017
A First Estimation Of The Proportion Of Cybercriminal Entities In The Bitcoin Ecosystem Using Supervised Machine Learning
Haohua Sun Yin, Ravi Vatrapu — 2017
Blockchain: Properties And Misconceptions
Daniel Conte de Leon, Daniel Conte de Leon, Antonius Q Stalick, Antonius Q Stalick, Ananth A Jillepalli, Ananth A Jillepalli, Michael A Haney, Michael A Haney, Frederick T Sheldon, Frederick T Sheldon — 2017
Exploring Entity Behavior On The Bitcoin Blockchain
Petra Isenberg, Christoph Kinkeldey, Jean-Daniel Fekete — 2017
The Blockchain Road To Cryptocurrency: A Revolution That Is Transforming Money
Jarek Czechowicz, others — 2017
Identity And Blockchain
Joachim Lohkamp, Eugeniu Rusu, Fabian Kirstein — 2017
Tacxe: A Blockchain Based Token Listing And Exchange Platform
Sam Colak, Martijn Hoogeveen — 2017
Determining The Usability Of Bitcoin For Beginners Using Change Tip And Coinbase
Ali Kazerani, Domenic Rosati, Brian Lesser — 2017
On The Necessity Of A Prescribed Block Validity Consensus: Analyzing Bitcoin Unlimited Mining Protocol
Ren Zhang, Bart Preneel — 2017
Uporaba Verige Blokov Za Zagotavljanje Zaupnosti In Integritete Podatkov V Obstoje{\V{C}}Ih Sistemih
Bla{\v{z}} Kostanj{\v{s}}ek — 2017
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Bitcoin over Tor isn't a good idea
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Bitcoin as money?
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Cryptocurrencies: an unconventional challenge to the AML/CFT regulators?
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Are You Ready for Digital Currency?
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Qualified Money - A Better Financial System for the Future
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Towards a More Democratic Mining in Bitcoins
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Near Zero Bitcoin Transaction Fees Cannot Last Forever
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It Will Cost You Nothing to 'Kill' a Proof-of-Stake Crypto-Currency
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Cryptocurrencies without Proof of Work
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